Every Trade Can Be Amazing - The Science Of Forecasting

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Trading is the art of forecasting.

In technical analysis we are using patterns or price-actions to predict what would be the next move.

The FutureChart provides you with the an early, visual alert of price changing direction, weeks ahead, and with it, the potential for 20%, 50% , 100% and even higher trades.

The attached examples show the FutureChart for JD and AXP for 6 months ahead.  Click here to enlarge.

The advantages of the forecasts are: 
  • Reach 20%, 50% and higher trades much easier than ever before
  • Get into the trade much earlier
  • Stay in the trade much longer
  • Have more confidence in your trades as you now know what to expect
Please note, the market will always be unpredictable in a one way or another. Even with these genius forecasts you will still need to use your risk mitigation tools such as  stop loss. The projection lines may rarely show as inversions.



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