The Challenge

The Challenge The Challenge The Challenge

The Challenge

100% of the stocks/FOREX/Commodities in the stock market move up and down in cycles, however, these cycles are non-linear and thus are very hard to predict.
Standard Technical Analysis cannot detect these cycles.
Standard Fundamental Analysis cannot detect these cycles.
Regular engineering tools such as Fourier and Spectrum analysis can detect the cycles but cannot use them for prediction.

The Solution

Cycles-Trader is a technology financial-service website that utilizes an advanced learning algorithm to analyze, model and predict the stock market.
At Cycles-Trader we developed the algorithm that identifies the cycles relevant to trading.

Key Advantage

Trade and invest with confidence. Act as a planner instead of constantly reacting to price changes.
Be able to see the full potential of the next swing, and thus to improve your trades dramatically by:
- Keeping the position much longer than you ever allowed yourself before.
- Getting into a trade much earlier, as you now have an earlier confirmation for change-of-direction.
This is also a stunning tool for opportunity-analysis for crashing stocks.
Get a second unbiased opinion for your long term investments

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