Get a clear direction of your price instrument, months ahead!

The Challenge 

100% of the stocks/FOREX/Commodities in the stock market move up and down in cycles, however,  these cycles are non-linear and thus are very hard to predict.

The Solution

Cycles-Trader is a financial-service website that utilizes a technology of an advanced learning algorithm to analyze, model and predict the stock market. 

This technology can forecast when the stock/FOREX/Commodity will go up or down.

Based on this proprietary algorithm we provide a visual trend forecast for months ahead,  a forecast that can be found nowhere else. 

Experienced Accuracy

The forecast includes 2 components : Direction and Timing 

Our experience shows that 95% out of the hundreds of relevant tested price instruments (with at least 4 years of price history), including  stocks, commodities, FOREX, indexes, found conforming with this method.

90% of the cases found with a positive high correlation with the price.

10% of the tested cases found with a high negative correlation with the price (inverse), for a few weeks period, but keep the same timing accuracy. 

Typical timing accuracy: annual cycle:  +/- 2 weeks, , weekly cycle: +/- 2 days

What We Offer?


The FutureChart Details

When purchasing a forecast, you will get a JPG picture with projection lines indicating the most probable future trend and timing  for the selected price instrument (symbol). 

The annual cycle determines the general trend direction (up/down.sideways).

The weekly cycle determines  how to spot the exact entry or exit timing.

These lines are "floating" over the price line, they indicate trend direction but do not indicate exact price levels.

Projection Lines

  • Smooth Annual     (Pink) Annual smoothed trend for the year  ahead
  • Annual cycle,          (Grey), Annual trend for the year  ahead
  • Quarterly cycle       (Red),  Quarterly smoothed trend for the year ahead
  • Monthly cycle        (Blue),  Monthly smoothed trend for the year ahead
  • Bi-weekly cycle     (Velvet),  B-weekly smoothed trend for the year ahead
  • Weekly cycle          (Pink),   Weekly cycle, for the most accurate timing

Additional  Chart Details

  • Left side (light blue) - the price history side.
  • Right side (pink) - the forecast side.
  • Horizontal red/blue lines - optionally added ZIGAZG indicator statistics for next swing  support/resistance price levels.
  • Vertical lines - optional, added manually ,  these are specific dates of interests, indication of probable turning points.

How to use these forecast lines?

  • In an uptrend  where the annual  line point up,  any low in the weekly line is an opportunity for buy . Once entered, hold the trade with tight stop-loss, with preferably trailing-stop, until the price change direction (do not sell when the weekly cycle turns downwards). Then look for the next weekly line bottom to decide on the next entry.
  • In a downtrend where the annual line point down, any high in the weekly line is an opportunity for sell. Once entered, hold the trade with tight stop-loss, with preferably trailing-stop, until the price change direction (do not buy when the weekly cycle turns upwards). Then look for the next weekly line top to decide on the next entry.
  • When annual trend change direction or goes sideways, use the weekly lines as guidelines for buy/sell signals.

Notes for rare inverse cases (flip):

Phenomena: When a flip occurs, the price goes in the opposite direction of the projection line, while the timing is the same.

  • The monthly, bi-weekly and weekly lines always go  in the same direction.
  • The monthly, bi-weekly and weekly lines may flip regardless of the annual line
  • The lines do not tend to flip suddenly or often, they may flip in rare occasions and then hold in the new position for many weeks and months ahead.
  • The key to identify inverse cases is by tracking the price vs. the projection line.

For Additional examples of how to use


From our experience with hundreds of price instruments, 95% of them correlate with the FutureChart technology with accuracy of about 85%-95% tested visually. The accuracy relates to timing: the timing accuracy of change-in-trend date may be of a few days (1-3) .   

The most effective way to experience projection lines accuracy is by comparing the real price with the forecast visually. Projection lines forecast accuracy depend on the specific price instrument. We do not guarantee 100% accuracy.

The models provide price directions probabilities in different resolutions. In shorter forecast horizons use the weekly model . In longer forecast horizons use the annual model. 

The following numbers represent our experience but do not represent all possible cases.

  •  Annual model,  typically +/- a week in a year range
  •  Weekly model typically up to +/- 2 days in a  3 months range

How to order?

FutureChart pictures are created by running the generic forecast algorithms on the specific price instrument selected by the customer and intended for his own personal use.

  • Choose the program: a single  symbol forecast , or bundle of 5 symbols
  • Choose the symbol(s) you are interested in
  • Choose how many months ahead 3 or 6
  • Complete the payment 
  • Get the forecast by email in the next day or two

3 months ahead

6 months ahead

12 months ahead

Bundle of 5 forecasts of 3 months ahead

Bundle of 5 forecasts of 6 months ahead

Order process in details:

  1. In the PRICING PAGE , select the program (single/bundle, select the forecast horizon you prefer (3/6).
  2. Type in the required price-instrument symbol or description. Click "Buy Now" and then "Make an Order".
  3. An email with the order details will be sent to Cycles-Trader
  4. Note: In case you are not sure that the price-instrument has at least 4 years of price history. wait for Cycles-Trader email confirmation. if you are sure, skip this step.
  5. Enter your contact info and proceed to Payment. Upon completion of the payment, Cycles-Trader will get the PayPal notification and will proceed to process your request.
  6. The generation of the FutureChart picture involves some manual actions, so please allow for up to 48 hours to complete. (Typically it takes less than an hour)
  7. Once the processing is complete, a FutureChart JPG picture will be sent to your email, together with the legal license agreement.

Note: The order is for a single forecast for a single price instrument for the selected forecast horizon. You can then order additional forecasts of your choice.

What forecast horizon should I select?

3 months for Traders: enabling the planing of the next few swings

6  months for Investors and Family Office: enabling the planing of the next few months' investments

Find out more with  an example with NVDA symbol with various forecast horizons.


Be aware that no system is 100% accurate and that projection lines may in some cases be wrong or inverted.

  • In about 10% of the cases the lines may show as "flip" direction, (up instead of down or down instead of up). This is a natural effect of the underneath technology of Neural Networks mathematics.  
  • When price is trending up and suddenly falls, the trigger for that type of event generated by the cycles may be earlier, due to the nature of cycles.
  • The lines represent a relative direction, not specific price levels
  • These charts may not be 100% accurate, the market is always stronger
  • You should consider to use your trading skills and risk management methods such as stop loss or others


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