The website provides pictures of projection lines to indicate probable price directions and change of directions.
The projection lines (AKA predictions) do not reflect the price level, only the probable directions.
The website does not provide buy/sell signals.
  • A model that is not based on news or technical analysis
  • Can be forecasted to the future based on known and independent planet's positions
  • Does not require high-freqeuncy-trading infrastructure
  • Get into trade with confidence
  • Exit at the end of the swing, enable much longer and profitable trades

Investors and long term traders:  
These investors will benefit from the Long models, for 2-3 years forecast. This model is not listed in the Order. Contact me directly and I will tailor a wining offering.

Long swing traders:
Long swing traders can benefit from the 5-Layer model for 3,6 and 12 months.

Short swing traders:
Short swing traders will mostly benefit from the combinatio of the 5-Layer model and the 60-Min model.

Day traders:
Day traders or few-days swing traders will mostly benefit from the 60-Min model

The most intuitive way to get an impression on the effectiveness of these models is to review the many examples presented in this website.
For most of the cases, when I provide a forecast, I also include a short period showing the forecast with the actual price to provide a higher level of assurance on the assumption of direction.
In some cases, before aquiring a forecast, you can ask to see a report with prior perfromance on the specfic price instrument. For example, if you plan to purchase a 6 months 5-Layer model you can ask to see the performance of the 5-Layer model on the last 6 months on this price instrument.
The most effective way to experience projection lines accuracy is by comparing the results with the forecast visually. Projection lines forecast accuracy depends on the specific price instrument. However, in general,  there is a very high correlation between the projection lines created by the 5-Layer and 60-Min model and  the actual price movements. Past years visual performance of the models are presented within the exmple for most cases and can easily be generated on demand for others.

  • There is always a risk. 
  • Trading is risky.
  • The models are not 100% accurate.
  • The models may show a 180 degree inverse from time to time (uptrend instead of downtrend)
The sources I am using are:
- Avatrade for monthly (5-Layer) and weekly (60-Min) models
- Yahoo Finance for monthly (5-Layer)
- Dukascopy for monthly (Daily 5_Layer) and weekly (60-Min)
- Customer's price data for the customized order options
No. The purchase is for you, the purchaser, only. This condition is stated in the Terms & Conditions listed both on the website and in the report I am sending.
No, this site does not provide Algo-Trading Robots.  Although the projection lines (prediction) is based on advanced Algorithms, the projection lines are "floating" lines and reflect the potential change in trend, they do not indicate the price level. The projection lines can be used as a decision making assistance tool for the professional trader,
to highlight the probability of change in direction, however, they do not provide buy/sell signals.
No, they will not by themselves. The projection lines predictions may be used by the professional trader as a decision making assistance tool to highlight the probability of change in direction. They do not provide buy/sell signals.
The models are not for sale.  This website is only for the service of generating  forecasts usign the models.