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As a family office you aim to provide a good ROI.
You are looking for reliable assets such as "good" stocks. However as we know, all stocks are going up and down, even the "good" stocks. We need to know the tiring in order to succeed. The business environment is moving faster than any of these analysis can track or predict.

FutureCharts provide a great lookout for these assets up to a year ahead

As we can see from the two examples, BA (BOEING) and AXP (AMERICAN EXPRESS) (click to view larger) these are good companies and thus also considered good stocks. In the examples, the dark blue line (annual cycle) indicates the annual trend, and the orange line (bi-weekly cycle, indicate the trend changes on top. With this type of view, is it much clearer to see where the stock is heading, months ahead, and what is the best timing to enter.
The 3rd picture shows the forecast for EURUSD for the last 6 months of 2019.
Using the traditional methods such as fundamental analysis and company reports will hardly provide the answer.



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