29 May

PFE IPfizer inc.) is a leading pharma company.

IN order to make a forecast for the price direction we used two models in this example: Monthly (Blue) and Weekly (Yellow).

What is the meaning of these lines?

These projection lines represent the most probable direction of the price, not the exact price levels.

How are these lines created?

Using a proprietary Neural-Networks algorithm looking at the cycles of the price in the past and capturing only the relevant one.

What is the validation period?

In the validation period we add the price after the forecast was already made and verify that the projection lines have a good correlation with the price.

What is the added value for the trader?

These forecasts enable early identification of the change in price and thus enabling early entry to a swing and late exit, and thus a quality swing with much higher confidence and higher return.

This is not a trading advice.

This is an update of the price a month later on July 2 2020.

The accuracy during the 3 months is amazing.

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