10 May

This is what was published a month ago on MU:


This is an update on the initial forecast of MU begining from June 2018. published August 2018  here

Presenting 4 layers of the 5-Layer model: 

  • Yearly projection (Dark Blue), major trend
  • Quarterly projection (Light Blue) 
  • Monthly projections (Green)
  • Weekly projection (Orange), with major turning points dates.

Picture Legend: Left (Blue) side is the price history, right (pink) side is the forecast, black line is the real price added after the forecast was done.

This example continues to show the amazing accuracy of the model, capturing the trend changes, now 10 months from start. 

is seems that the price continues to go up , as expected,  for 1 more month.


What happened since last update ? the stock did go up as forecasted - wow!.  With amazing forecast accuracy for 11 months now (showing 3 layers out of 5) - this is the most powerful forecaster!.

And now, it seems the stock will go down again until June 14 2019 .

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