23 Jun

This is what was published a month ago on MU:


This is an update on the initial forecast of MU begining from June 2018. published August 2018  here

Presenting 4 layers of the 5-Layer model: 

  • Yearly projection (Dark Blue), major trend
  • Quarterly projection (Light Blue) 
  • Monthly projections (Green)
  • Weekly projection (Orange), with major turning points dates.

Picture Legend: 

Left (Blue) side is the price history, right (pink) side is the forecast, black line is the real price added after the forecast was done.

========================= Update for April 2019 ====================================

This example continues to show the amazing accuracy of the model, capturing the trend changes, now 10 months from start. 

is seems that the price continues to go up , as expected,  for 1 more month.

========================= Update for May 2019 ====================================

What happened since last update ? the stock did go up as forecasted - wow!.  With amazing forecast accuracy for 11 months now (showing 3 layers out of 5) - this is the most powerful forecaster!.

And now, it seems the stock will go down again until June 14 2019 .

========================= Update for June 21 2019 ====================================

Now, 21 June 2019, MU did go down the last weeks and is still down as expected from the forecast.

The forecast indicates that MU will start ramoing up for the next 2 months.

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