09 Oct
About a month ago I posted the following forecast to JD

Cycles Trader link

A month later and here is the result. 

  • monthly cycle - blue, showing decline from early September to early October. 
  • The bi-weekly cycle - orange shows that this decline includes a decrease at the beginning of the month, a rise to the middle of the month, followed by a decrease to the end of the month. 
  • Weekly cycle - purple, showing exact dates for change in direction.
We also see that the price has reached resistance levels (red) and support levels (blue) just as predicted. 

For your convenience, I have increased the interesting part. The annual and quarterly cycles were not included in the new analysis because they are relevant for a longer periods but whoever wondered what was going on with them,  they still show an uptrend in the long run. 

Have a good year ahead.

This is not a trading advice.


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