24 Jan

Today, the 24th January is a lucky day. 

So I wanted to share with you my forecast for EURUSD for the next 5 months.

The yellow line is the forecast created by the combined model. The line provides the trend and change of trend and it is "floating" over the price line (in red/green). The forecast line does not represent the exact price levels.

The combined model in this example is the newest one developed. The effective forecast horizons of this model are between 1 month ahead to 12 months ahead.

In this example the forecast horizon is 6 months starting from 12 Dec 2019. The right pink side is the forecast side. More than a month already passed and we can see the exact highs and lows indications where the price (green/red Japanese candles)  is following the yellow line.

I manually added the vertical lines indicating dates to give you the perspective, These dates may not be the exact turning points but they indicate a probable date we should look for.

It looks like the 17 February 2020 is a probable low and the 11 June 2020 is a probable high.

This is not a trading advice.

I am using TimingSolution as my development  platform for the various forecasting models.

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