14 Mar

This week BOEING share dropped 15% after the Ethiopian airline aircraft model 373 MAX crashed. This was a second time in 5 months when a new jet in this model is crashing.

I went to the 5-Layer model to see:

1. Was that price drop in the stock could be predicted

2. When the stock price will recover 

I ran the 5-Layer model and got this prediction from May 2018 till today and going forward to show until July 2019.

Showing 3 layers out of the 5_Layer model.

We can see that the rise until 28 Feb 2018 was predicted, and so is the drop from Feb 2019 till today 13 Feb 2019.

We can also see that the 5_Layer algorithm shows that the price will continue to drop until end of Mar 2019.

The price will try to recover for a few weeks and then decline again, at least until Jul 2019.

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