05 Jan

The forecast for AMBA was created on April 1 2019. The last update was on August 31 2019, here

A video on this forecast was published on  November  8  2019 here.

Now, 9 months later, I come back to this forecast and

  • Update the price using the 5-Layer model
  • Use the Combined model to see how it fits

Here is the updated price on the original forecast, with the 5-Layer model.

We can see the amazing timing and trend correlation, even after 9 months.

Here is the combined model, with the yellow line, the annual in blue and weekly in pink.

We can see that the combined model is also accurate in trend and timing, at least as the 5_Layer, but it is also much easier to understand and use.

By trading the zones of change-in-direction instead of buy-and-hold or even by using technical analysis, the potential gain is much higher.

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