25 Aug

Last week I published a short forecast of JD symbol on the company page on Linkedin and on a few professional groups on Facebook  to show the case how to use the forecast for market timing.

In this example we use 3 layers:

Annual cycle (Dark blue) shows a downtrend till August 8, and then starts to move up

Quarterly cycle (Light blue) show a downtrend till a few days after August 8, and then starts to move up,

Bi-Weekly cycles (Orange) caught the ups and downs along the 4 months of the forecast, caught the bottom on August 9 and the top last week, but it seems that there is still a local bottom expected on Sept 2 next week.

So, my way of looking at this (among other ways), and this is not an advice, is to wait and see what happens after the Sept 2 date, where I expect an uptrend to start.

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