26 Nov

The 5_Layer model which is the result of a decade of research effort, is really powerful. However it requires some imagination to combine visually the various cycles on top of the annual cycle in order to see both the weekly cycle for the exact timing and the annual cycle for the trend both on the same projection line.

In the recent months I invested a lot of efforts to try and find the model that will result a single projection line that will provide both the weekly timing and the annual trend. The efforts bore fruits. In this article I present the results of this new model, which I called "combined". 

This model is mostly effective in cases when the annual and the weekly cycles go in opposite directions, for example annual goes up and weekly goes down.

I picked up  20 different price instruments. including:  10 stocks, 3 forex pairs. 1 index and 6 commodities. 

The pictures below present the result of this model, with the  YELLOW line so it will easier to distinguish between this line and the  price in black. (the line color can be changed anytime per customer's request).

Each picture also includes the annual cycle (in dark blue) and the weekly cycle (in pink/velvet) for comparison.

For each price instrument the forecast shows 6 months ahead from June 2019 till December 2019. These models are most effective between 1 month to 12 month ahead.

The forecasts (FutureCharts) are presented as is, with no additional interpretations, so anyone can appreciate how they would benefit from this information for their own trading/investing in case they had it in advance.

The new "combined" model is now also part of the offering and can be found in the Order tab.  It is now possible to order  the 5_Layer model or the "combined" model.





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