10 Nov

SHOP went down when the market went up in the last 2 months. 

And this is in line with the forecast provided 2 months ago. Here on the example from 11 Sept.  

SHOP went down exactly as predicted, with an update on the price here 3 weeks ago on 23 Oct.

This forecast is provided for long-term period, thus the tiny details of days cannot be presented. To compensate, I published  a ore detailed forecast, for a shorter period, here on 7 Nov.

Here is an update on both forecasts: long and short.

First, the long-term.

As the forecast story was presented in colored lines:

- Annual cycle (Dark Blue) the price will stop it's rally of the last year for a few months - currently happening

- Monthly cycle (Green) the price will go down  for about 3 months - just happened so far

- Bi-Weekly cycles (Orange) the price will have lows near the marked dates (Sep 16,  Oct 13, Nov 7) - just happened so far

Second, the short-term.

As the forecast story was presented in colored lines: 

There will be lows in the following dates as indicated by the Daily cycle (Pink):

Oct 10, Oct 22, Nov 7. All lows manifested as shown in the picture below:

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