Alon Avramson - Founder Computer Engineer, MBA, Cycles-Expert, Trader, Innovator


Welcome To The World Of Financial Cycles Trading.

If you are here it means you are looking for additional ways to improve your trade.
Trading may be very challenging. The methods of trying to forecast the market using the technical analysis with the combination of fundamental analysis may not be accurate or reliable at times and are very time-consuming.

My name is Alon Avramson. I am a hitech engineer, product manager with a business degree and a private trader.

I found that the stock market moves in cycles, that the fastest way to generate profits is to follow these cycles and that these cycles correlate with natural cycles.
These cycles are not easily identified and forecasted with traditional tools such as Spectrum Analysis, Fourier Transforms and Wavelets.

I harnessed my knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and my knowledge in cycles to bring a totally different approach to the science of stock market prediction, without the need for technical or fundamental analysis.

The models presented in this website are the result of many years of research in the domains of financial cycles related to the stock market. The projection lines (trend predictions) show a graphical result which any professional trader can easily use as a decision assistance tool. This innovative approach is completely different from everything else that can be found in the market today.

I am using Neural-Networks mathematics and natural cycles on a long price history to generate the models and the price projection lines. The models are also learning models, as they are updated each time additional price-data is available.

This website offers stock market timing and trend prediction for the months ahead in near-daily resolution .

We provide Innovative, Scientific, Reliable and an Easy to Use forecast. Any trader can appreciate the huge value of knowing the accurate timing and direction of the stock in advance.
Having a visual forecast at hand saves you a lot of analysis time, you can easily visualize the full potential of the next swing and empowers  you with a much higher confidence in your trades and investments.

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