Alon Avramson - CEO Engineer, Astrologer, Private-Trader, Innovator


Hello, Welcome to the world of financial astrology.

My name is Alon Avramson. I am a hitech-pro with a business degree and I am using astronomy, astrology and esoteric math for trading the market. The 5-Layer model presented in this website is the result of many years of research in the domain of financial astrology and cycles related to the stock market.

How does it work?
Astrology is known to be a dynamic sensor of feelings when planets are transiting around the natal chart and activating pressure points. On the other hand, buy/sell decisions are based on feelings such as greed, fear, and hope. In Cycles-Trader we analyze the effect of past astrology events on thousands of historic price bars and understand how they can affect the price in the future.

We are using Neural-Networks mathematics, astro-ephemeris and artificial intelligence to incorporate additional events effects each time new data is avaiable.

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