Alon Avramson - CEO Computer Engineer, Astrologer, Private-Trader, Innovator


Welcome to the world of financial astronomy/astrology trading.

My name is Alon Avramson. I am a hitech engineer, product manager with a business degree, an astrologer and a trader.
I harnessed my knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and my knowledge in Astronomy/Astrology to bring a totally different approach to the science of market prediction.
The models presented in this website are the result of many years of research in the domains of financial astronomy/astrology and cycles related to the stock market. The projection lines (trend predictions) show an accurate graphical result which any professional trader can easily use as a decision assistance tool. This innovative approach is completely different from the traditional methods of using astrology charts to predict the economy.

How does it work?
The stock market works in non-linear cycles, and so is Astronomy/Astrology. Astrology is known to be a dynamic sensor for public sentiments when planets are transiting around the natal charts. The stock market is affected by sentiments. Buy/sell decisions are based on sentiments such as greed, fear and hope.
In Cycles-Trader I developed predictions models that analyze the effect of past astronomy/astrology events on thousands of historic price bars and understand how they can affect the price in the future.

I am using Neural-Networks mathematics, astro-ephemeris and artificial intelligence to generate the models and the price projection lines. The models are also learning models, they are updated each time additional price data is available.

This website offers stock market prediction for next few weeks in hourly resolution (2,3,4) using the 60-Min model and next few months in daily resolution (3,6,12) using the 5-Layer model.

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