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“I can testify that the accuracy was almost perfect. Now I intend to buy another two-week forecast and continue to enjoy the service” (Ezra)

“As a trader and investor I’m always looking for sources of information that are accurate. Cycles-Trader gave me that. I’ll be ordering more charts.” (Gerry)

“I think the combined five layer model does much help to trading and investment.” (Yang-Tao)

“in addition to my indicators you contributed a lot to my decision to buy on Friday.” (Gil)

“I will emphasize that the forecasts are a powerful tool for decision making and it is highly recommended.” (Ilan)

"Thanks Alon for this amazing tool.” (Dudu)


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Is it for me?

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How It Works?

This is a fantastic forecasting method you probably haven't seen before, as it is solely developed here.

To see how this unique cycles analysis method is used for forecasting, let's take a real example with TEVA symbol

In the example ahead we go over the process of using the cycles step by step:

Starting from June 28 2020.  

Starting point: following a long uptrend and good news about the company.

We are at a decision point, will the price continue up or go down in the next 5 months?

There are a few cycles we use in the analysis,  these cycles provide a future projection line based on historic price analysis.  

The Bi-Weekly cycle (Velvet) in this example, is one of the cycles,  shows a potential future downtrend for the next 5 months.

Note: the cycles provide the most probable  trend direction and timing but not specific price levels.

Timing Indications:

All cycles, including the Bi-Weekly cycle,  provide trend direction and in addition provide potential dates for CIT (Change In Trend). 

These dates are marked with vertical red lines as shown for this case in the next picture.

The Annual cycle (Green-Grey) provides a smoothed projection line.

In TEVA case it is showing a potential downward trend before continuing up, 

indicating that we should expect a low around Mid October 2020 before the price will continue up.

The weekly cycle (Pink), yet another cycle we use in the analysis, adds additional  granular timing indications for future potential CIT.  This is a 3-4 days up and 3-4 days down cycle.

Are we ready to check how was the actual price?

 The resulted price, added after a few weeks,  is shown by the black line.

 Now we can compare it to the future projection lines.

We can see a phenomenal correlation for both timing and direction!

The price did go down until Mid-October. 

This is an amazing forecast!  imaging how profitable one could be just buy using it.

The price was also fluctuating up and down around the downtrend, in the exact predicted timing by the Bi-Weekly cycle, in an almost up to a day accuracy. WOW!

This is a type of forecast found nowhere else,

The technical analysis could not provide such a forecast nor the fundamental or any value analysis tools.

Check What People Say About Us

Let's review what additional value the weekly cycle (Pink) added to the forecast. 

As we can see, the troughs and dips were predicted in great timing accuracy by the weekly cycle, almost to the day!

For the technical traders, using this tool could be a double confirmation to the bull flag template,  providing a much earlier indication for the downward direction.

OK, we just witnessed a great example, a forecasting tool found nowhere else!

But how accurate is this tool? 

Is it the holly grail?

Well, this really a great tool but it is not the holly grail and is not a 100% solution.

The main reason is the flip (inverse) phenomena:

This tool provides two forecast dimensions: Direction and Timing.

Expected Direction Accuracy: 

From our experience, in about 90% of the cases, the direction provided by the projection lines is accurate.

The Flip Direction Phenomena and Resolution (inverted cycle):

From our experience, in about 10% of the cases, the direction provided by the projection line may be in opposite (inverse) direction. 

This is a result of the mathematical method we use called Neural-Network.

To illustrate this flip phenomena we added the Red line in the example below.  

The Red line is the opposite-direction line of the Bi-Weekly (Velvet) line.

The timing however, is still the same and provides the same best accuracy.

Note: In the case of TEVA this is obviously not a flip case.

Flip Direction Resolution:

To avoid the risk of flip cases, one should verify every potential CIT in that annual cycle, that the price direction  goes hand in hand with the projection line direction. In case of difference, switch to the flip mode by following the red line.  That verification should be run whenever the annual cycle changes direction, which is every few months.

Expected Timing Accuracy: 

The experienced typical timing accuracy: 

Weekly cycle typical timing accuracy: +/- 3 days. 

Annual cycle typical timing accuracy: +/- 2 weeks.

Check What People Say About Us

Note: In the case of TEVA above this is obviously not a flip case.

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The website provides pictures of projection lines to indicate probable price directions and change of directions.
The projection lines (AKA predictions) do not reflect the price level, only the probable directions.
The website does not provide buy/sell signals.
No, this site does not provide Algo-Trading Robots.  Although the projection lines (prediction) is based on advanced Algorithms, the projection lines are "floating" lines and reflect the potential change in trend, they do not indicate the price level. The projection lines can be used as a decision making assistance tool for the professional trader,
to highlight the probability of change in direction, however, they do not provide buy/sell signals.
  • No need for news or technical analysis, but they are optional
  • Let you get immediate impression on the direction - no math involved
  • No need for high-frequency-trading infrastructure
  • Let you get into trade with confidence
  • Let you exit at much longer and profitable trades
  • A continuous line, enables you to decide any time to enter/exit a trade

Family Offices:
Family office will benefit from the Long models, 6-12 months forecast. Contact me directly and I will tailor a wining offering. This concept is ideal for family offices as it does not require long term programs or complex legal documents and the incentive is a win-win with cycles-trader.

Investors will benefit from the Long models, for 1-2 years forecast. This model is not listed in the Order. Contact me directly and I will tailor a wining offering.

Long swing traders:
Long swing traders can benefit from the 3, 6 and 12 months.

Short swing traders:
Short swing traders will mostly benefit from the 3-months predictions

The most intuitive way to get an impression on the effectiveness of these models is to review the many examples presented in this website.
For most of the cases, when we provide a forecast, we also include a short period showing the forecast with the actual price to provide a higher level of assurance on the assumption of direction.
In some cases, before acquiring a forecast, you can ask to see a report with prior performance on the specific price instrument. For example, if you plan to purchase a 6 months forecast you can ask to see the performance of model on the last 6 months on this price instrument.
The most effective way to experience projection lines accuracy is by comparing the results with the forecast visually. Projection lines forecast accuracy depends on the specific price instrument.  However, in general,  there is a very high correlation between the projection lines and  the actual price movements. Past years' visual performance of the models is presented within the example for most cases and can easily be generated on demand for others.

Traders - 3 months

Family Office - 6 ,9, 12 months

Investors - 12 months
When the annual cycle is up, other projection lines are used to buy when low.
When the annual cycles is down, other projection lines are used to sell when high.
When the annual cycles is sideway, the other projection lines are used to trade the range, sell high and buy low
Any well traded price instrument with enough price history (minimum 4 years) and reasonable volume (not a dormant stock).
  • There is always a risk. 
  • Trading is risky.
  • The models are not 100% accurate.
  • The models may show a 180 degree inverse from time to time (uptrend instead of downtrend)
No. The purchase is for your own use, for the purchaser, only. This condition is stated in the Terms & Conditions listed both on the website and in the report I am sending.
The prediction Model is a result of a long period of cycles research, it was developed for 5 years and then tested for additional 3 years on hundreds of stocks, FOREX and commodities.
Not by themselves. The projection lines may be used by the professional trader as a decision making assistance tool to highlight the probability of change in direction. They do not provide buy/sell signals.
The models are not for sale.  This website is only for the service of generating  forecasts usign the models.


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