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This site is created for sharing my experience in astro-based models. I trade these models.

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Alon Avramson - Natural Scientist, Astrologer, Trader, Innovator


My name is Alon Avramson.
I am an electronic engineer with a business degree and I am using astronomy, astrology and esoteric math for trading the market.

At any time, astrology influence the human emotions and the emotions influence the buy/sell decisions.
Along the history, astrological events were used by the savvy astronomers as indicators for market change.
However, the same astrological event may have different effect on the market depending on other conditions.

With the new development of big-data and neural networks, the technology is advanced to a point where all events may now be analyzed  with powerful analytic tools to effectively predict what will be the influence of each event, based on historical data.
This technology may also be used not only for selected events but to provide a smooth projection line for the future.
These projection lines are now offered for the financial astrology fans as decision assistance tools such as additional indicators.
This site does not provide trading advices.

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The graphs can change direction in any time, as the nature of the calculation can provide 180 degree solution.
The graphs and 5-Layers models are provided as education information only, not as trading advice.

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